Friday, March 28, 2014

Don't wait for "perfect"

Lucy asked me to do a session with her Dad and her siblings, her dad has been really sick lately. All during their session her dad spoke of the history surrounding the area, what kind of trees were around us and mentioned numerous times how his days were numbered and that he was making memories during the session. During all of this, the 3 year old twins were all over the place with dollies, balls and lollies, they were being 3 years olds and what better way for them to be? For this I am so happy that I was able to do these for Lucy in the midst of all the chasing the twins, changing pull-ups,cleaning faces, chasing balls, it's always worth it as none of us really knows how long we have with each other. Have pictures taken you guys! After losing Alyssa I was SO incredibly thankful that I took a ton of pictures of her, I have so many to look back on and am forever grateful for that. Don't wait around until you have the perfect outfits matched up for everyone to wear, {don't let Pinterest warp your sense of reality} don't wait for your son or daughter to get their braces off {embrace the braces} for that was a time in their lives that you should also capture, don't wait until you loose the weight, or until you have a perfectly clean house. I'm not about that, and would love nothing more than to come to your house, as it is, as it looks on a Saturday morning with messy hair and breakfast crumbs still on the table. Don't wait for "perfect" Just enjoy the moment and all of its messy gooey sticky crazy goodness lucy lucy2 lucy3 lucy4

Thursday, February 20, 2014

High Hopes

I picked up my camera for the first time in a long time just to take pictures of what was around me. Life passes us by really fast doesn't it? I've missed seeing some of it thru my camera lens as more of the things I have captured have been with my iphone. It's just too easy to grab, it's always right there. Which is another issue I have, why is my phone always right there? Why does it need to be? It doesn't. I miss taking pictures of my every day life. Time to make time for it. On this day it was finding Malachi outside playing with a beetle before he decided to feast on it. And then Lucas showed is he 8 already?
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