Monday, August 29, 2011


Let me start this off bysaying how much I  love my clients,
I love getting to know them and their families, I just love meeting new
people. I apologize for being a horrible responder though, I am terrible
with making and returning phone calls, I feel like I know how much my time is
limited and I just assume that yours is as well and so when it comes to returning
calls, I never want to feel like I am intruding on peoples family time or something
so I always opt to stick with email. Thankfully my work allows for me to spend time
with my family and I try not to intrude on others family time together.
Now that school is back in session, our lives are kicking back into crazy mode and
my kids have alot going on at school so the weekends are ours, so I won't be answering
emails over the weekends, I'll still be doing sessions on weekends but emailing and
phone calls will be taking breaks on the weekend just like we all should be :)
Hope everyone had a great summer break!
I am so very much looking forward to the fall!